July 31, 2013

CA CS ICWA KNOWLEDGE HUB - DUE DATE FOR FILING OF RETURN EXTENDED FROM 31ST JULY 2013 TO AUGUST 5, 2013 / Special counters for filing returns of Income from 31st July,2013 to 5th August,2013, New Delhi


     As a Measure of Taxpayers Convenience, Last Date of Filing of Returns Extended to 5th August, 2013
There is an unprecedented surge in number of returns being e-filed during this year. 92.03

 lakh returns  have been e-filed up to 30th July, 2013 which is 46.8 % higher than the
 returns e-filed during the corresponding period of the last fiscal year. Due to large number 
of taxpayers accessing e-filing  website on due date of filing, some cases of taxpayers not
 being able to access the e-filing portal have been reported. These problems are primarily
 due to network constrains of the local internet  service providers (ISPs). However, as a 
measure of taxpayers convenience, it has been decided to extend the due date of filing 
of returns from 31st July, 2013 to 5th August, 2013.

Taxpayers are requested to avail of this extension of time and file their returns after

 paying due taxes

Special counters for filing returns of Income from 31st July,2013 to 
5th August,2013, New Delhi.

In view of extension of due date for filing of return of Income, special arrangements has been
 made for accepting  the returns of income from 01.08.2013 to 05.08.2013 (including 3rd and
 4th August, being Saturday and Sunday,  respectively) to facilitate the tax payers to file
 thier returns.   


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